Construction Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

We have been in the construction business for well over 15 years, with great customer service and competitive pricing no wonder more people are choosing Universal Group Inc., to do there next construction job, these are some testimonials from some of our happy customers….

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What our customers say about us

I hired Tamir and his company Universal Group two years ago when I bought my first house. I’d seen the work he’d done for a few friends who recommended him highly. Tamir came for my home inspection (which was incredbily helpful to me) and helped me plan out the changes.

We completely remodeled my kitchen and bathroom (including moving/removing walls) along with painting and other projects throughout the house. I’ve also used them recently to replace my roof, install insulation, and other small projects.

The kitchen and bathroom are beautiful. His crew did a great job. Tamir truly wants his client to be happy. If I’m not happy with how something turned out he will do whatever needs to be done to make me happy – whether it’s coming back for touch ups, to replace some tile, or whatever I need. I have friends who’ve used other contractors and many say they just ask for money and don’t care about making the client happy. Tamir was also great about sticking to my budget.

I still recommend Tamir to friends and plan to use him for all my upcoming projects on the house.


Great detailed estimates, and videos gave us a clear idea of what we could do to our pool. The options of ideas they gave us gave us ideas we had never thought of and by taking different elements from all the options they gave us, we feel we got the pool exactly how we wanted it.
Great work, and detailed planning.
-Bryan Freedman

To those in search of a reliable contractor,

I was introduced to Tamir Zipori and Universal Group, Inc. about 2 years ago through a friend. Tamir and his team have done a number of things for my house, from adding copper pipes, a new sewer system, new lighting and the renovating a guest house.

Through the entire process I always felt like the team just wanted me to be happy with the work. They would continue to come back and fine tune things until I was completely satisfied. I also felt that the prices were very reasonable, and there were never hidden costs. Tamir was able to stick to my budget, and I was never worried about price gauging.

In addition, as a female homeowner, it has been invaluable to have people that I trust and know are available 24/7. They feel like a part of the family, and I don’t feel I need to be there to oversee the work. Even in during a plumbing emergency on Thanksgiving they were able to come out and fix the problem quickly and at no additional charge.

I highly recommend Tamir and his team for any upcoming projects or renovations you are considering.

All the best,

Three years ago I made the decision after 15 years in Los Angeles to
plant roots and buy a house.  As a single girl, it only made sense to
buy a house that was already remodeled as I knew nothing about
construction and only heard horror stories about these people they
called contractors.  As luck would have it, I finally found a house
after a year of searching.  It was love at first sight.  The only
problem was that other than the floors and the original charm and
detail of this 1918 craftsman, it all had to be redone.  Luckily, I
had a friend with me who said, “this is perfect, just call Tamir.  It
will be fine”.

The first time I met Tamir Zipori was at my home inspection.  He
shadowed the inspector making sure he noted even the minute details.
Once the report came in, he went over it with me and helped me craft a
plan to engage the buyer in rebates for things that would be
problematic moving forward.

On the day of closing, construction began.  I took the first swing of
the demo and we were off.  Remodeling for me is a fun creative
experience but can also be very overwhelming and daunting.  Tamir
assisted me with choosing all of my materials, introduced me to the
person who would be designing all of my cabinetry, and was basically
there every step of the way.  Yes, there were mistakes – I might have
taken down a wall only to ask Tamir to put it back later.  That being
said, initial construction was done in 7 weeks and I was in my new
home by New Year’s.

Since engaging in the remodel with Tamir three years ago, he has
always been diligent about following up on any problems that arise or
quirks in our design that need to be figured out.  Additionally, we
have taken on the exterior of the house with both painting and

We faced the final frontier of my property last year when my now
husband moved in and we constructed a mancave out of our two car
garage.  Typically, this is a very basic process however as I live in
a HPOZ, we had to deal with inspectors and permits.  Well, thankfully
we had Tamir who successfully and flawlessly managed the entire
process for us.  Not only dealing with the city but negotiating with
the HPOZ with regards to our plans.    Now we have the perfect
addition in the backyard and it is all thanks to Tamir.

Tamir Zipori is a true professional and I cannot recommend him enough.
When I hear friends complaining about their construction efforts or
contractors, all I can say is, “you should have called Tamir”, just as
my friend recommended to me.

Now that I have completely redone my house, I am currently searching
for a new project.  The experience with Tamir was so great that my
husband and I vowed to only buy a fixer upper because let’s be honest,
why live with someone else’s poor taste or bad mistakes when you can
do it yourself….or at least Tamir.
- Rachel Bendavid Steinberg

December 12, 2011

To Whom It May Concern:

We cannot recommend Tamir Zapori and the Universal Group highly enough. We recently

purchased a new home for our growing family, with our first child on the way we needed more space. Tamir’s participation was above and beyond that of a simple contractor. He came with us to look at potential properties, helping us see what could be done and identifying the diamonds in the rough. He then helped us through the escrow process, doing our pool inspection, giving us estimates and advice on repairs, explaining what should be our responsibility, and what not to budge on during negotiations and counter offers.

But it was once we closed on the property he really shined. Escrow closed the end of April, and
our baby was coming the middle of June. He had his crew inside the moment the ink was dry on
the title, and had them do a down to the studs remodel in record time. Whenever there was a
problem he was available, whether it was late in the evening, early on a weekend or even when
he was away in Israel. (No joke, ask about the story with the door!) He took it in stride when we
decided to do a complete remodel on a whole bathroom that we had not even planned on
touching, and still was finished on time. When we found dry rot in an exterior wall that we
hadn’t expected, Tamir was reasonable and thoughtful about the added work and expense and
took very good care of us and fixed the problem. Tamir got his crew to get their work done, and
done well, exactly as we had envisioned it, and we were in the house before the baby arrived. I
work in production and understand the attention and commitment that is required to bring such a
large undertaking in on time and on budget, and Tamir accomplished both — he did what he said
he was going to do.

A wonderfully unique aspect of working with Tamir is that he is not a contractor who does the
work and disappears. He is still involved in our lives and with the house. Last week Tamir called
to make sure my husband had cleared off the roof after the rain storms so the drain doesn’t clog
and create a leak. He even offered to send one of his guys over to do it because my husband isn’t
to be trusted around ladders. We truly feel like Tamir has become part of our family (he even
attended our son’s Bris), and we feel his commitment to us every day when we enjoy the

beautiful work he did on our home. We recommend his services enthusiastically and without reservations.


Cheryl & David Bosnak

To Whom It May Concern:
We are really very happy with the work that Tamir and the Universal Group did on our house. Tamir was incredibly responsive as new problems arose. He was smart about problems and knew ways for us to get the same effect without the price getting too high.

They did quite a lot of work on our house both interior and exterior. The quality of their crew was excellent and the workmanship shows.
We really appreciate everything they did for us.
Ken Greenblatt & Peter Walsh